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Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond

April 18, 2008

Web Technology Trends for 2008

Summary: Web 3.0 in full swing.

Semantic Apps: Firstly let’s define “Semantic App”. A key element is that the apps below all try to determine the meaning of text and other data, and then create connections for users. Another of the founders mentioned below, Nova Spivack of Twine, noted at the Summit that data portability and connectibility are keys to these new semantic apps – i.e. using the Web as platform.

Apps to watch:  Freebase, Powerset, Twine, Adaptive Blue, Hakia, Talis, True Knowledge, TripIt, Clear Forest, Spock…

My thought… can any of these new smart search engines really compete with Google?  Will they get used?

Other trends that will increase:

Portable data, social graphs, open data products and standards, MOBILE web and apps, personalization and recommendations (Netflix, Amazon).


Almost graduation time

April 6, 2008

I have started my last class for my IT-Visual Communication degree – and it’s Java. Sigh. Programming is not my forte but I sort of consider it the vegetables of web design; not what I’d choose to eat but it’s good for me anyway.