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Communicator manifesto

May 8, 2008

This is interesting – related to the new challenges and opportunities facing communicators and PR people with the advancement of the web…

PR 2.0: A Communicator’s Manifesto
by Deirdre Breakenridge

PR 2.0 places a whole new meaning and value on PR and
marks the true convergence of PR and the Internet. I
believe that with PR 2.0, a new breed of Web savvy
PR/marketing professionals has been born. As a result
of PR 2.0, brands are able to have conversations directly
with their customers in niche Web communities.


makes a parent proud

May 4, 2008

I feel like Morrison Institute’s website has been my baby. And I must say our new research report cover really brightens the home page and makes the rest of the look shine (at least to me).

Of course I’m biased! But take a gander:

MI Home Page


not quite as close as I thought

May 4, 2008

I received an email from my University of Phoenix academic adviser that I need one more class before I can graduate. This is news to me and she didn’t mention it MONTHS ago when I clarified my graduation date. So now my graduation is extended to June 3, 2008.

What is most aggravating is that I planned my move date around what I thought would be graduation so I wouldn’t have to deal with getting online every day and working while in the process of moving.

Oh well whatever. If I can survive Java and C+ programming, I can take anything.



May 1, 2008

The next big up and coming whirlwind for technology seems to be RIA (Rich Internet Applications).  Microsoft announced their Silverlight product quite some time ago, but I haven’t heard much on that front lately.  In all honesty, I don’t see the point in experimenting with a proprietary Microsoft application with all it’s limitations, when you have an Adobe product that works over every operating system including Linux.

Here’s a review of Adobe’s AIR:

Product review: Adobe breathes fresh AIR into RIA
Adobe’s rich Internet application toolkit lifts Flash and AJAX out of the browser and onto the desktop; debut release shines with light technical requirements and good features, though security and OS integration could go deeper

By James R. Borck

April 21, 2008

Adobe AIR 1.0 brings new hope to Web developers looking to combine the global connectedness of browser-based applications with the persistence and functionality of first-class, local desktop apps.

AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) packages a host of Web technologies and enables RIAs (rich Internet applications) to run outside of the browser on the user’s local desktop. Those underlying technologies can be Adobe’s own Flex, Flash, and ActionScript, for example, or just plain old HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX libraries.

The results can be spectacular. AIR applications can take on either a custom or native appearance. In particular, data-driven dashboards really sing when freed from browser constraints, as Nasdaq’s Market Replay application demonstrates.
To read the full article click here: