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Attention bloggers and webmasters

September 16, 2008

I’ve seen professional sites do this too, but please, can we try to save our eyes a little bit?

It’s bad enough folks like myself are already staring at the screen 9+ hours a day!

Go here to get my point:

it’s a perfect demonstration…


Google Chrome

September 2, 2008

We are all a-buzz in the IT department discussing Google’s new browser.   I think it will throw a very interesting kink into the browser wars.  We all know Google does search and applications well, so it only makes sense to combine all their attributes into a browser.  Most of us use our browsers for searching anyway.

I find it interesting that they have only released a version for XP & Vista and will need to find out if they plan on releasing more versions to other operating systems.  If this browser takes off like Firefox, or even like the popularity of Gmail, then web designers and coders will need to make sure the code validates.

I have yet to download the product and play with it but according to a co-worker it quickly and easily downloaded and imported all favorites from Firefox.

according to the W3C, IE versions and Firefox currently hold the market on popular browsers, so I suppose that’s why Google didn’t release a version for Mac users.

More information can be found here: