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15 elements all professional websites should have

October 29, 2008

many of these seem like a given to most of us but some of them are easily overlooked by many…

my biggest pet peeve is when consistent navigation can’t be found on every page.


the creative process

October 8, 2008

this is helpful for me to re-read occasionally…

currently I’m trying to re-think and re-design the Intranet at my office and it’s so many different planning processes away from having a grahpical comp to work up…


Google wants to prevent drinking and emailing

October 8, 2008

How many times have we fired off a drunken message, post, email while under the influence?  It’s dangerous for sure and usually we regret the loose lips the next day.

This is an amusing tool from Google called Mail Goggles, check it out:

The solution is verifying you can do some math problems before you send the email… this is an interesting idea but I can rarely do math problems sober.  Perhaps a CAPTCHA solution might be better?