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Adobe Kuler

January 29, 2009

I just recently saw a training class offered on (if you don’t know that site, you should check it out — really great tutorials on just about anything computer related)… for Adobe Kuler – and had never heard of that before. It’s a tool/site devoted to color schemes for just about any project (web, print, etc.).  For those programmers who are somewhat color blind, perhaps other designers can lend a hand to your color scheme:


CSS Instruction

January 27, 2009

Had my first of 2 nights of CSS class through Boulder Digital Arts last night:

my instructor has a wealth of knowledge and experience, now if I could just retain all the knowledge…. much of the information is review for me, but there are a few magical tricks and hacks that I’ve already gleaned from his class and links from his website:

And of course as soon as I get a good handle on the standards, they will change… such is life in the techie world.

Perhaps for a few, brief, flickering moments, CSS will flow easily and productively. I can hope!


Malware trends and forecasts in 2009

January 22, 2009

Read this interesting whitepaper today:

Even though my specific job duties don’t involve a lot of trouble-shooting of this kind, it’s still good to know the threats out there and how to combat and prevent them.


Layers Tutorials

January 21, 2009

Not only is Layers magazine helpful to read, but the artwork and advertising are very visually appealing and provocative.

Adobe also knows you can’t just publish a magazine ~ you need continually new and interesting, online, interactive features as well.

I go to the site every couple weeks to glean a little knowledge: