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women in technology

March 24, 2009

I’ve been struck by 3 amazing women in the tech field but for privacy sake, I won’t blog in detail about them. All possess a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about many topics within IT and carry out their jobs with grace and humility. They taught me a lot about how to effectively communicate and about their particular fields.
We’ve come a long way baby! Thanks to pioneers like Ada.

pass it on!

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site of the day ~ like

March 23, 2009

This site is just pretty – it’s well done, easy to use, clean, unique.

my only gripe is the scrolling, which should prompt them to use an anchor tag to the top or include bottom navigation.


100 Resources for Design Inspiration

March 17, 2009

yoda knows I can use all the inspiration I can get…

I need to redesign my dance website, have been promising the magnificent Ava a redesign for years, and need to get going on my friends’ band’s website.


100 Twitter Tools

March 12, 2009

I predict eventually, Twitter will overtake Facebook in popularity, but it will take a while… most people don’t really understand Twitter or how it can be used to your advantage. But as Jimmy Falon’s experiment shows, Tweets are ideas spreading like wild fire.

Granted, the first few days you really get immersed in Twitter you can easily lose yourself to time suckage. (Do I really need to know that Imogen Heap is craving pancakes? Or that Kevin Pollak is Tweeting during a big Hollywood meeting? Actually, that’s pretty cool…)
But the more you use it and see how others use it, the more productive you can become.

For instance, I used to visit about 50 different sites a day for news, entertainment, web stuff, etc., now I just follow the Twitter feeds all in one place. In theory this is what RSS readers are for, but that always felt very oppressive and overwhelming to me for some reason.

The trick is to find information worth following — and the below tools can assist with this.

I’ve only checked out about 10% of these links, so I’ll be coming back to this post as well:


10 fixes that solve IE 6 problems

March 5, 2009

what really, really challenges me… it looks fine in Firefox, but not IE…

I knew about a couple of these, but the rest were extremely helpful.