My name is Nielle McCammon and I’m a web designer/communicator/editor, etc…

I worked at ASU’s Morrison Institute for 10 years, having started as a secretary and after continuous learning evolved into a Tech Support Analyst. It was an honor and tremendous learning experience to redesign Morrison’s site a couple times and work with talented designers and coders on the ASU campus.

I started the next chapter of my life in Colorado the end of May 2008. I hope to gain new vistas in the technology world, spend more time outdoors communing with nature, and have more time with family members.

I started the beginning June 2008 as a web designer with Diligent Consulting and assist with projects at the Central Federal Lands Highway Division (DOT).

In my personal life, I also aspire to many things related to the arts; mainly song and dance. I adore singing and dancing, play guitar and piano and studying every kind of dance on earth. I have studied and performed as a bellydancer a few years back and hope to get actively involved in that community in Colorado. My bellydance website is: shimmygoddess.com

I started this blog to focus on my learning in the technological world and share with anyone else who might find me in cyberspace.

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*personal blog:  niellemc.blogspot.com


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  1. You Rock!

    Good luck in Colorado.


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